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Don’t have time to install your flatpack laundry? Or are you not too confident with your installation skills? Don’t you worry, we at Install4You can take that task off your backs. As experienced flat pack installers, we help make your lives easier by setting up your laundry. We handle everything from shopping to installation.

Why Choose Install4You?

We assemble all types of furniture from any brand

We assemble all flat pack from kitchens to outdoor furniture. For your laundry area, we take special care to balance both aesthetic and function. We make sure your laundry area looks neat and easy to navigate and that your shelves, drawers, or cupboards are bolted in place securely.

We can do your shopping for you

If you do not have much time on your hands, we at Install4You can do your shopping for you. All you have to do is send us a list of your preferences or requirements and we will make sure to get the right items for you.

Experience no-fuss installation

Our team will remove packaging and dispose of it properly. We will also take care of your existing pieces of furniture or old flat pack pieces if you want them disposed as well. We make sure that your laundry room is in the same tip-top condition as when we first walked in, except with the brand new flat pack installed.

Have professionals on the job

Over the years, we have been purchasing and installing flat pack kitchens, laundry rooms, living room and bedroom furniture, children’s equipment, and more. We can guarantee that with our tried and tested technical skills in flat pack installation, we can get the job done right in no time. No stress or drama for you: just leave the task to our hands and you will soon be enjoying your enhanced space.

Our Process


For us to get a clear picture of what your vision is for your space, we can schedule a consultation. We can either discuss over the phone or meet in person. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the best ideas. We will consider your home’s existing interior design – its colour scheme, interior architecture, and more. The best laundry room is one that fits seamlessly into your space.

We will all be throwing in suggestions in order to arrive at the best possible design. If you are not entirely sure what you want your flat pack laundry room to look like, we can also recommend some of our ideas. As flat pack installers, we know from experience that the best flat pack laundry rooms are those that maximise space. Factoring in your existing appliances, we can suggest which items can help you get the most efficient storage system no matter how small your laundry room may be. This is only one of the ways we make sure our services are tailor-fit to each customer.


Sure, the laundry room is not technically where you will receive guests or relax after a long day, but still, our designers will go above and beyond to make sure that you have an equally positive experience in this space. What you want out of your laundry room is really organisation: the easier it is for you to do your laundry there, the less of a chore it will feel. Your laundry room design may even just be the motivating factor you need to get on with life’s errands!

We are also prepared to discuss and suggest more modern options for you. Design and technology in terms of home spaces has evolved over the years. Today, we are seeing impressive features such as push open drawers or custom timber cupboards or countertops. If you would like to lean towards those options, we would be delighted to make those happen for you.


Our team is especially proud of our ten-year journey in flat pack installation and furniture assembly, industrial design, and engineering. Not only do we get to showcase our creativity, we also enjoy being able to provide clients a home that is homier than ever.

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